Get to know Novak Djokovic in animated short 'Ajde!'

A short animated film by a Polish filmmaker featuring Novak Djokovic was just released online and it is every bit as impressive as the current world number one.

University of Arts London MA student Zuzanna Szyszak's final diploma project lasts 5:34 but it encompasses everything that made Djokovic who he is today. Ajde! is Serbian for "come on!", a common phrase shouted after a tennis player scores a point.

Szyszak obviously did her researchgathering source materials, watching archive videos, studying the player's moves on court, reading books about himand with the help of her supervisors was finally able to release "Ajde! The Movie" it to the public on June 30, in time for the first week of Wimbledon.

"With 'Ajde! The Movie' I wanted to match passion for tennis, specifically to the Wimbledon tournament and Novak Djokovic, with my artistic skills, and present the story of Djokovic’s extraordinary life and his road to becoming the world’s number 1. The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club played an important role in his career, and therefore I am delighted to release the movie online during the Wimbledon tournament." - Zuzanna Szyszak
What's great about this video is that Szyszak included the times when Djokovic and his family would run to bomb shelters during the Balkan war of 1999.

It even has very significant and sometimes overlooked details such as Djokovic's dedication to be better after a defeat. I can't remember which match it was being referred to at the 3:15 mark but it showed Djokovic being a half-second too slow to return a ball that hit the net cord at matchpoint.

He would then re-dedicate himself by lifting weights, going on a gluten-free diet, and doing yoga, all of which made for an awesome sequence.

Djokovic shared the video on his official Facebook page, saying: "I am beyond words after watching this. It brought back memories and it brought tears to my eyes. Im very humbled and honored by this work of art. You are going to do some amazing things Zuzanna in your life! Well done!"

Born in 1990 in Poland and now based in north London, Szyszak, is an award-winning freelance graphic designer and animator. She moved to the United Kingdom two years ago, having completed a BA degree in graphics at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. 

She was the Erasmus programme stipendist at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland. Her works has been shown at festivals all over the world, including Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, United States, Russia, Serbia and Spain. Her debut animated film, a videoclip for the song "A Farewell to the Little Warrior" by Czesław Śpiewa, a Polish music band, has been awarded with a YACH - a prestigious Polish prize given for the best videoclip.

Szyszak is hopeful that she will get to meet Djokovic to personally present him a special DVD copy of the movie. Wishing that happens! 

Watch her amazing video below (available in HD):

"Ajde!" The Movie from Zuzanna Szyszak on Vimeo.

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